Grain to glass gin, available direct to consumer and wholesale

buy paper lantern gin wholesale

Our craft gin is distilled in Vietnam and distributed to restaurants, bars and hotels around Southeast Asia from our base of Singapore. If you’d like to retail or serve our gin anywhere in the world, please fill in the contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours. 

Our mission is to share our grain-to-glass gin with as many people as possible.


We love being part of the craft distilling community and routinely host, organise and attend events.

corporate gifts

Very popular during the COVID-19 lockdown, our gift sets are also available for large orders.

contact us for more information!

paper lantern gin is enjoyed at

members' clubs

1880 (Singapore) Straits Clain (Singapore)


Bars & clubs in Singapore and Malaysia. View full list here.

cafes and restaurants

Paper Lantern Gin pairs very well with food. View full list here.

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