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Paper Lantern is a gin inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia. We use rice to make our base spirit, which is produced at the distillery, offering a unique grain to glass experience. Moving away from the commercially sourced neutral grain spirits and using rice instead gives our gin a more textured mouth feel. In a way, we are using a better quality of canvas that allows the regionally sourced botanicals to paint their flavor picture in the best way possible.

Paper Lantern is a very unique gin, a very modern gin – we call it ‘gin re-imagined’. Unrestricted by the regulations of the London Dry style, we have been able to showcase the flavors of the region. Fragrant and with a suggestion of spice from the use of Sichuan pepper, our gin is made up of eight botanicals. Just like any gin, juniper is a key botanical in our gin. Ginger and galangal add warm notes on the finish while you get citrus notes from the lemongrass and makhwaen (a peppercorn native to Northern Thailand). Paper Lantern is incredibly smooth thanks to the rice base spirit and the touch of Longan berry honey added after distillation. This smoothness in particular makes it a wonderful sipping gin as well as a gin that stands out in cocktails. We are proud that our gin can be enjoyed by gin aficionados as well as those that typically wouldn’t enjoy a traditional style gin.

We are a Singaporean company -and Singapore is the first country that Paper Lantern Gin was sold -but it’s important to note we don’t distill here. We genuinely consider ourselves to be a regional brand. We operate a concept we call the ‘Living Distillery’. The development of the recipe took over a year to come up with, but once that was finalized, we decided that production would be wherever we could source the best quality of ingredients. Currently we produce in Northern Vietnam but we have previously produced in Thailand too. Paper Lantern is an expression of our passion for the entire region of Southeast Asia, not any one country.

Paper Lantern Gin retails at SGD115 per 700 ml bottle. You may order directly from us through our Shop. We are also available in select retails shops such as The Proof Flat, Wines Online, The Standish and Wine Exchange Asia.

You can enjoy Paper Lantern Gin in cocktails too! We are currently listed in cocktail menus of popular hotels, bars and restaurants in Singapore.

Please expect delivery within 3-4 business days, let us know if you have a preference on date and timing.

Currently, we are only available within Singapore. We are working hard so we can start exporting to other countries this year – expect to find a bottle of Paper Lantern Gin in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and India later this year.

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