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We love partnering up with creative content creators with a following of 5,000 or more people on any social media.

we want you to help us create a conversation

We’re not just looking for pretty photos. We have those. We’re looking for foodies and cocktail aficionados who will help us create a conversation around the topic of Southeast Asian flavors and traditions – and how Paper Lantern fits with them.

Our goals

We want to partner with authentic content creators to reach more potential customers in Southeast Asia, Australia and the UK. Topics we resonate with are: 

  • Home entertaining/hosting
  • Plant-based diet
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Organic food
  • Natural, local flavors
  • Entrepreneurship
Paper Lantern Southeast Asian Martini Cocktail Recipe

How we help you

We have plenty of gin recipes to share that you can put your own twist on! Plus, when you join our content creator program you’ll have direct access to our press materials folder as well as the Paper Lantern team for any question or idea. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get personalised discount codes for yourself and your audience!

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After you are accepted in the program, we'll give you 1 promo code for yourself (25% off) and 1 to share with your audience (10% off)

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