5 Ways To Add More Gin To Your Next House Party

Great cocktails are essential for any party.  Gin is a great choice of spirit as it’s versatile and the foundation for many classic cocktails. Here are 5 cocktail recipes that are tried and tested by the Paper Lantern team. Stunning presentation and delicious taste are what we look for in a party cocktail, and all of the ideas below deliver. If you’re hosting more than 20 people, you can even make them ahead and serve them in a punch bowl!

Gin Spritz

Spritz style cocktails are fun and a crowd-pleaser because they are usually lighter in alcohol content and full in flavor. This fizzy cocktail is easy to make and no special tools are needed. It’s slightly bitter, sweet and cold – ideal for the humid Singaporean heat!.

150ml Paper Lantern Gin
250ml Rosso Vermouth
250ml Campari
750ml Prosecco
Garnish: Orange & Lemon Slices

Simply add all ingredients in a jug with lots of ice and stir. Serve in a chilled wine glass or rocks glass. Garnish with orange and lemon slices. The recipe serves 5.

Spanish Style G&T

This refreshing twist on the classic gin & tonic looks more complex than it actually is. Adding fresh rosemary sprigs brings a refreshing twist which is completed by the pink grapefruit wedge and peppercorns.

70ml Paper Lantern Gin
200ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
2 Grapefruit Wedges
2 Rosemary
4 Pink Peppercorn

Pour Paper Lantern Gin into a large goblet and top off with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Garnish with a few grapefruit wedges, rosemary, and peppercorns. You can also use a red wine glass to serve this cocktail.

Spiced Apple Sangria

Grab yourself some Paper Lantern Gin, white wine and fruits and make this epic Sangria at your next party.

250ml Paper Lantern Gin
750ml White Wine
200ml Simple Syrup (add to taste)
1 Apple sliced
½ Lemon sliced
4 Cinnamon Sticks
Soda Water

Simply add all ingredients and let it sit overnight to extract the wonderful vibrant flavors. Pour in a jug with lots of ice, top with soda water, stir and serve. A great make-ahead cocktail for your party.


Yes, you can prepare Negroni ahead of time! Bars are now making cocktails in batches to provide better consistency while saving on time, and this logic also applies to home bartending. Making pre-batch cocktails for your next party will give you more time to mingle among your guests. However, it’s best not to batch-make ingredients that will go bad within a few days like fresh juices or citrus. A simple classic cocktail recipe like Negroni works well with this.

This timeless recipe can be made a few days before your party. Makes 5 standard cocktails, increase quantities accordingly.

200ml Paper Lantern Gin
200ml Sweet Vermouth
200ml Campari
60ml Water

Measure your ingredients equally. Your dilution (water) should be 10% of the total content. Bottle and keep refrigerated. When you’re ready to drink, pour over ice and garnish with a citrus wedge or peel.


Just like Negroni, this classic favorite can also be prepared ahead of time. This recipe makes one cocktail, so make sure to increase the quantities accordingly.

45ml Paper Lantern Gin
10ml Dry Vermouth
10ml Bianco Vermouth
2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

Measure ingredients according to the above ratio. Don’t forget to add water! Similar to how bartenders add ice to dilute and chill your drink, water serves the same purpose. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an overpowering drink that could be too strong, too bitter or too sweet. For this recipe, add 10%-15% dilution (water) of total content. Bottle and keep refrigerated. Don’t forget to stir lightly before straining onto a martini glass and garnish with orange zest.

P.S. Just getting started on your home bar project? Check out Custom Bar DIY: Designing the Perfect Home Bar for helpful tips and guide in creating your home bar. Originally posted by our friends from Porch.

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