4 Artisan Gin Gift Sets Ideas You’ll Love

Shopping for the ideal gift is getting harder and harder. Everyone “has everything” and nothing feels new. So, what do you do? Do you just give up and give gift cards? We don’t think so. Here are 4 novel, creative, artisanal gift ideas that involve gin and tasteful local products. You’ll be everyone’s favourite Secret Santa or relative!

(1) The Unusual Gin Gift Everyone Adores

Gifts only have one downside. Too much packaging! And there’s nothing worse than receiving a beautiful gift only to throw away 80% of it after a week. So – the “Gin Upcycled” gift set is perfect for that planet-conscious friend. It includes a 200ml bottle of craft gin by Paper Lantern, sustainable reed sticks and a custom white tea and ginger aroma. That way, once you’re done enjoying the gin, the bottle can be upcycled into an aroma diffuser! We love how this gives an affordable gift a much, much longer life.

(2) The Cocktail Gin Gift Set… because we all have a G&T fanatic friend!

Gin lovers have one thing in common. They’re always looking for a new brand of gin to try! With the “Gin & Premium Mixers” gift set, you can’t go wrong! It features a 200ml bottle of Southeast Asian Gin plus 2 unique premium mixers. The box is very elegant and it makes for a perfect hostess gift for dinner parties or a special date night. It makes 4 strong G&Ts.

(3) The Southeast Asian Inspired Gift Set

This is perfect for that friend who just moved into a new house in Singapore or who is leaving. It includes two capiz coasters and one cocktail spoon. Capiz is made from a particular type of oyster that is native to Southeast Asia – we sourced this from Indonesia! The cocktail spoon is made from bamboo instead. Obviously, this also comes with gin because any gift without gin is a sad gift. Ha.

(4) The G&T Party Kit

For when summer gets serious and it’s time for a celebration, there’s nothing better than craft gin and lots of tonic, accompanied by a toppings bar so that guests can mix their own concoction. This set comes with 3 x 700ml Paper Lantern Gin bottles + 24 x 200ml Premium Mixers and a free cooler bag. It’s a whole party in a bag!

Now that you have the gift ideas, here are a few articles with amazing gin cocktail recipes. Cheers!

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